The Cohiba Behike 56

I never thought of buying one of these at the price, but I was gifted one by a friend in Long Beach. As you can see it was a beautiful stick. The wrapper was a clean with very light veins.


Length: 6.5 inches (166mm)
Ring Gauge: 56
Factory Shape: Laguito No.6
Strength: Medium-Full

I clipped the cap and took a dry draw to reveal light spice before even lighting it up. I had only seen one of these before and was fascinated by the Cuban Pigtail. Nicer than what I was used to. A beautifully rolled vitola as a work of art.  


As I lit my cigar and I had my first taste revealing a slightly creamy with a little spice. The burn was a little uneven with a medium gray ash. The burn corrected itself quickly. I was surprised at that but as I progressed into the first portion, I started to get the strength of this stick. I was glad that I ate before this one. The ash started to grow, still sturdy at this point. The smoke was dense and the flavor, awesome.

As I entered the second third, I was still amazed at the spice on my tongue. Very potent with lots of flavor. Nothing like the Siglo line.

Entering the third part, and realized that I had been smoking this stick for over an hour. The stick had a small ammonia moment, but it disappeared quickly. The finish was excellent. 

Here's the weird part. I was driving from Whittier to San Diego while I smoked this cigar. The trip was a trip...  

All I can say was that my expectations were exceeded. If you like Cohiba on Steroids, you definitely need to try one.

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