Oliva Serie V Maduro

I was in my favorite B&M when these came in. The box said Oliva Serie V Maduro Torpedo. Size 6.0" x 56. I proceeded to open the box and remove one to try. It had a great feel in the hand and between the fingers and thumb. Construction and color was great from the cap down to the foot. Nicely rolled.

I took a wooden match for the flame, and it lit beautifully, even and had a perfect draw. The ash had a great color and held for over an inch and a half.

It had an earthy flavor with a hint of cocoa. As I smoke it, the flavor became more full with a nice heavy smoke and even burn. The band came off nice and easy without tearing the wrapper.

After an hour and fifteen, it still held ash color and strength. The flavor was turning more leathery and still very smooth.

After an hour and a half, it was getting better still. Great down to the nub. A great finish and an excellent cigar. thumbs-up.gif


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