Ancesral Fundacion 1940 Robusto 

I received a pm from my buddy Carl (longburn) asking me if I would be interested in giving this cigar a spin. I once turned down a cigar. That was the year the Eagles got back together. LMAO. Anyway, Carl sent me this stick to try and review. It was a Costa Rica made cigar. The tobacco was grown with pre-embargo Cuban seeds from 1940. I was intrigued. It was a nice looking stick, medium mocha color with a smooth wrapper and nice construction.


Country: Costa Rican
Length/Ring: 5" x 50
Shape: Robusto Perejo 
Wrapper: Tobacco from pre-Embargo Cuban seeds 
Binder: Tobacco from pre-Embargo Cuban seeds
Filler: Colombian, Tobacco from pre-Embargo Cuban seeds
Strength: Medium - Full 

I pulled the stick out of the humidor were I let it rest for a couple of weeks. I clipped the cap using a double guillotine. I  took a dry draw tasting an Earthy flavor. I lit with my Lotus triple torch and took the first puff and immediately could taste chocolate. The aroma rich and the draw easy, which tells me that this was going to be a quick smoke. The burn was un-even at first and needed a little correcting. Half way through the first third was a slight Earthy taste came into play. The ash was a medium gray color, but fell of pretty easy. No big deal.

I started into the second third and started noticing that it was getting a little spicy. 

As I started in on the last third and it had become a bit more spicy, then it started going back to the chocolate again. The finish was decent. Not great, but not bad. 

In conclusion: This stick took only 45 minutes to smoke. This was a somewhat complex yet enjoyable cigar. Smooth, well rolled and blended. I wouldn't mind trying another one. Thanks Carl.

MSRP: $15   I found a website about these cigars. Here is the link.

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