God of Fire 2006 Carlito Double Robusto,
Reviewing the Gods?

Well it took a lot time between the ears for me to pull out one of these beauties to smoke. But I did. It is sometimes a hard decision to smoke a cigar that is as pricey and hard to find as the God of Fire. But I made the choice to treat myself last night, and I thought that I would share it with you.

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 5 .7 x 50
Shape: Robusto Perejo
Wrapper: Cameroon wrapper
Strength: Full

"Cigars are meant to be smoked"

I like this quote, and so it is. I pulled this attractive red tube out of the humidor, pulled off the top and removed this jewel from it's sheath. The presentation of this cigar is a work of art with an artistic band wrapped around a beautiful smooth wrapper of mocha color. The cap was perfect and looking at the foot, you can see the oils present that glistened as the camera flashed.

I used a double guillotine cutter for a nice straight cut. It had a sweet, easy pre light draw. I toasted with a double torch, but light with a match. My first taste of this legendary cigar was amazing. A large cloud of deep colored smoke and an earthy flavor.

As I puffed slowly on this stick, I saw a beautiful light gray ash and a true even burn. The flavor was earthy, yet sweet like molasses. Half way through the first third, it was becoming complex loosing the sweetness and taking on a leathery flavor. About 20-25 minutes into the smoke, I was into the second part of my journey. Still complex flavor getting a slight nutty flavor. It took close to 45 minutes to get to the last third, but was worth the wait. This is the part of the smoke that was incredible. It kept getting better. Still strong with an good even bun and now the nutty flavor was joined by a woody, almost oak flavor. I don't drink any more, but I could see how this cigar could be complimented by a nice Chardonnay, or an aged Cognac. I chose coffee, which worked out great. I hated to put it down, but my fingers were burning.

All and all, this cigar was worth every penny. In my opinion, I can't believe that I am going to say this, I liked it better than Opus X.

Now I need to try the 2007, damn it! Well I guess it will have to wait until I go back to work. At least I have a couple more of the 06 in the humi. LOL

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