God of Fire 2006 Don Carlos Robusto,
Reviewing the Gods? Part II

Here we go again. As you know, I fell in love with the Carlito GOF 2006. I was asked how it compared with the Don Carlos. So I decided to buy a couple of the Robustos and see.

Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 5.2" x 50
Shape: Robusto Perejo
Wrapper: Ecuadorian-grown wrapper
Strength: Full

The presentation of this cigar was as nice, just as the Carlito. The same artistic band wrapped around a beautiful smooth wrapper of mocha color. The cap was perfect and looking at the foot there was a difference. The oils that were present in the Carlito were not there. Still, a very nice looking stick.

As I really enjoyed the Carlito, I was looking forward to smoking Don Carlos, and so the adventure began. I used my Zino double guillotine cutter as usual with perejo and got a nice clean cut. The pre light draw was earthy. I toasted and light with a St. Dupont Xtend torch and I was off and running. My first puff had a very earthy flavor with a hint of floral traces. It seemed a little harsher than I expected. The burn was uneven at first. I waited to see if it would correct itself, but it needed a little help. It held a nice ash that stayed threw most of the first third.

The second part of the smoke took on a slightly woody flavor. It seemed to be a med-full cigar. I was a little disappointed in the strength but the flavor was building. I tasted hints of coffee and leather. As I found my way nearing the nub, I realized that it was only about 45-50 minutes. The flavor was back to earthy with leather undertones.

All and all, I might have enjoyed it more if I had smoked it before I smoked the Carlito, but, it was kind of a let down to me. Don't get me wrong, it was a very nice smoke. Just not as good as the Carlito. To be fair, I will put a couple away and see if they just need more time in the humidor.

For now, I recommend the Carlito above the Don Carlos, but if you like Ecuadorian wrappers, you will love the Don Carlos GOF 2006.


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