Illusione ~ 1~ Dark Prince Presidente

This is one cigar that was on my wish list for a while. A fine BOTL gifted this to me and I let it rest for about eight months now. I kept looking at it in the humidor and vacillating between smoking and waiting. I finally looked at this beauty one too many times and decided that it was time. So here we go. 

Country: Nicaragua
Length/Ring:  9.25" x 48
Shape: "A" Perejo 
Wrapper: Cafe Colorado Wrapper
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo Filler
Strength: Medium - Full 

I pulled it out of it's nesting place and gave it the once over again, and decided it was time. This is a beautiful cigar with all it's 9 1/4" of glory. I noticed the Cafe Colorado wrapper with it's mocha color and slightly oily sheen. I clipped the cap using my double guillotine, and took a dry draw tasting a mild grainy flavor. I lit it with my Lotus triple flame torch. I took my first puff and could taste a mild earthy flavor with that little spice on my tongue. As I said, it was milder than I expected. It had a smooth draw. The burn was even and needed no  correcting. Half way through the first third, it was getting stronger. More medium now I noticed chocolate, more prevalent in the aroma than in the taste. The ash was dark gray in color, and held on for about an inch.  

I started into the second third and started noticing that it was getting a little stronger, spicier and still creamy.  

I began the last third and it started getting a few notes of allspice with a hint of cocoa. Up to this point, it was a medium body and flavor, but now it was picking up strength to a full body cigar. I was enjoying this stick. It had become everything that I enjoy about smoking Illusione. A fantastic finish right down to the nub.

In conclusion: I really enjoyed this cigar and will seek another. It was not to complex, but not boring. Not too strong, but enough flavor to satisfy my pallet. A perfect burn. Even though it didn't hold an ash, it had excellent construction and a felt good between the fingers. A long smoke, but not overbearing. About two and a half hours. The finish was excellent. Creamy, and spicy with great background flavors. I recommend this cigar to the medium to full body smokers who like a more simple yet enjoyable smoke.

MSRP: $18.00 

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