Momona Island Prince

I have reviewing cigars for a while now, and usually you see my HTF and HD cigar review. My friend Chris (tatoofreak) sent this to me from Hawaii, and asked me to review it. Mahalo Chris. 


Country: Kauai, HI USA
Length/Ring: 5.75 x 50
Shape: Perejo
Wrapper: Habano Wrapper
Filler: Sun Grown Kauai
Strength: Medium - Full

This was a nice looking stick. Well rolled with a nice dark mocha colored wrapper with an oily sheen. I clipped the cap and took a dry draw. It had a kind of chlorophyll flavor. I lit the foot with my Lotus Triple flame and took my first puff. A smooth draw with a green, earthy flavor. No correction needed as it had a nice even burn. As It progressed, I noticed a cedar flavor coming out. Not bad.

Entering the second third, I noticed a flavor that I couldn't identify, but it started getting a little creamy.

Entering the third part, it went back to that earthy flavor again. Not a bad stick but for the most part one dimensional. The finish was better than the start.   

As I said, not a bad stick, but at $10.00 a stick, I think that I would rather have an Illusione or Tatuaje. Keep in mind that my taste is my taste. Try one for yourself and you be the judge. Mahalo again Chris for sending me the stick and it's friends. You are truly a fine BOTL. 

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