PG Soiree' Belicoso

I was in McLean Virginia for the weekend and decided to visit my friend Paul Garmirian at his store. As always, Paul and his son Kevork welcomed me with a smile. I went in into the humidor to pick out a few of his 15th Anniversary Belicoso Extras, one of my favorite sticks. As Paul and I spoke, he had asked if I had ever tried the Soiree'. I had not, and so he gave me a couple to try. He let me know that they had age on them. I was more than happy to smoke any of Paul's cigars as I have enjoyed every one that I had smoked. 


Country: Dominican Republic
Length/Ring: 6 1/4 x 52
Shape: Belicoso
Wrapper: Colorado/Nicaragua 
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium - Full 

I pulled the stick out of the cellophane and saw nice construction, with a smooth, medium brown wrapper. I clipped the tip and took a dry draw. A beautiful nose both earthy and mild spice. I used my table torch and took a wonderful puff of that earthy spice flavor. Deep, rich smoke and a nice med ash.
The burn was even and stayed even. Half way through the first third a slight floral essence was noticeable. I put my cigar down for a minute, I did not mean to, but I knocked the ash off. 

I started into the second third and started noticing a light sweetness combined with a woodsy flavor. So far, this was a very enjoyable smoke. Some unique flavors I couldn't put my finger on, but was making this a complex and interesting cigar.

I arrived at the last third and it was getting amazing. Earthy, leathery, and now peppery. The finish was wonderful. This cigar took almost and hour and a half to smoke. A perfect size for me.

In conclusion: I can say was that this cigar was an event. Starting out gentle and finishing a powerhouse yet smooth. Just what I expect from all of Paul Garmirian. Hard to find, but if you like unique, unusual cigars, you will love the PG Soiree', or for that matter, any of his other cigars as well.

MSRP: approx: $12 each.                           PG Cigars - Paul Garmirian 

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