What makes a cigar great


I once had the pleasure of attending an event with Raymond Scheurer, VP of Davidoff, and he asked us to describe a mystery cigar that we had moked, and what we remembered about it. We heard one gentlemen who said "It was firm with a nutty earthy flavor" another stated "It had a firm ash and hints of leather and coffee" an another described "This cigar was medium to strong bodied and had excellent flavor undertones". 

Raymond responded to these replies by saying "Zino once was asked this same question. This was his answer "It was an experience of friendship, good conversation and was enhanced with a good cigar"". 

These word hit home with me. Though I can enjoy a cigar, what makes the cigar great are the people and places we smoke them. Why is that hotdog at the stadium, the beer at the Octoberfest, or the Pumpkin Pie at the Thanksgiving table so much more enjoyable? Its the people we share it with or the event we are attending. Or in simpler terms, "The Memories that are Created". 

One of the best cigars I ever smoked was a Casa Torano Maduro Lancero. I shared it with my wife the day we renewed our vows on the beach in Puerta Plata, DR. This is a cigar that I will always remember. I think of that day every time I smoke one of these. 

Yes, I believe that there are some cigars that are exceptional, but I enjoyed the Torano Lancero I smoked with Christina on that day more than the Padron 80th Maduro that I smoked in the privacy of our home. Though an exceptional cigar, the memory was not the same. 

So when you smoke your next cigar, think. What did I truly get out of this experience. Was it the nutty earthy floral taste with hints of cocoa, coffee and cinnamon and the three inch ash? Or was it the brothers you shared conversation and stories with, or maybe the woman you dined and danced with.

"Make your next cigar an experience"